Our Story

How it all started...

Hey everyone, my name is Robert Heussy, Jr. and I am the founder of Fireman's Faith Ministry. In 2013, I was called to serve on the international mission field in Nicaragua. This was my first time out of the country, first time on an airplane and first time on a mission trip. I had no clue what to expect and I never would have thought that  God would call me to start my own ministry a few years later. My first trip to Nicaragua was the most impactful moment of my life at the time. I knew God was working something out but I had no clue what it was. I originally thought that He was calling me to serve on the mission field full time. I surrendered everything to Him and I was praying for clarity and for God to reveal to me what my mission would be. The hardest thing for me at the time, was the thought of me leaving the fire service behind. I would get so emotional every time I would think about it. I knew in my heart that if God called me overseas full time, I would need His strength to leave the fire service. With the intentions of moving to Nicaragua, I planned a month long trip there in 2014 to see what my mission would be and to see what life would be like for me there. During this trip, I was praying for God to reveal to me, what my mission and ministry would be. Right before this trip in February 2014, I started a Facebook page called Fireman's Faith. The ONLY plan with this page was to share a simple scripture or message about Jesus to Firefighters while they were scrolling. Well, during this trip to Nicaragua God revealed two things to me. The first was a question He laid on my heart, "What would it look like to help the local fire departments?".
The second thing God revealed to me was, I was able to see a house fire and the firefighters come off the outdated fire truck with minimum gear and equipment to extinguish the fire. This was like a light bulb going off and it was so clear to me that God wanted me to help the firefighters there. But How?

Expanding the vision...

Through a lot of prayer, failed attempts, hard work and determination, the vision God gave me is more clear today than ever before and that vision is now known as Fireman's Faith Ministry. Our ultimate vision is to share the Love of Christ with Firefighters around the world. We are a legal non-profit (501c3) and we are currently working with eleven departments between Nicaragua and Guatemala. We have shipped over a million dollars worth of donated gear and equipment and have equipped hundreds of Firefighters in both countries. We have sent teams down to train firefighters, fellowship with them and to share the Love of Christ with them.
Our Mission statement was revamped in 2019 and it allowed for us to expand the vision God laid on my heart. Our mission is to Encourage Firefighters Locally, Equip Firefighters Abroad and Evangelize to Firefighters Globally. This change allowed for us to take care of our own Firefighters in the United States and take our mission to the next level. We are providing peer support and Christian guidance to Firefighters in personal crisis. We have had many opportunities to help individuals during dark times and share the Love of Christ with them by walking alongside them during their dark season of life. Our social media platforms is allowing us to continue to share those simple Gospel messages that we started in 2014, except they are reaching hundreds of thousands of people around the world currently. 

Where we are headed...

All these numbers and ways that I am sharing about what God has done through our ministry is so amazing and I love reflecting on it, but this is all God. My favorite part about our ministry, that I absolutely love sharing is that we have been able to help lead Firefighters to Christ! This is the ultimate goal for our ministry. We want hearts to change and for Firefighters to accept Jesus as their Lord and Savior. So what is next for Fireman's Faith Ministry? I think that is a great question and I can't answer that completely, but I can say again that God is continuing to make this vision more clear. We are striving to have a large reach, while being deeply rooted in Christ. We are praying for God to grow this ministry and to provide the resources for us to Share the Love of Christ with Firefighters around the world.  We are committed to investing into the lives of Firefighters that not only need our help, but also needs a great Savior! Here are a few things that you can be praying for specifically; financial support, our peer support program, creative ways to share the Gospel, boldness in sharing the Gospel, support for shipping gear and equipping Firefighters abroad. Thank you so much for your time and for your interest in what God is doing through Fireman's Faith Ministry.

Love in Christ,
Robert Heussy, Jr.
Founder / President