Welcome to Fireman's Faith Ministry

Hey everyone! My name is Robert Heussy, Jr. and I am the founder of Fireman's Faith Ministry. I want to welcome each one of you to our very first blog. I am not sure where you are viewing this blog from, but if you haven't already downloaded our recently launched app, please go download it now in your app store. Our team has worked extremely hard on launching a new website, new app, updated apparel store and now a new blog (we are still adding content). The purpose of this blog is to update you as we continue to grow and as we are able to fulfill our mission. Our goal is to make our ministry and our mission more known throughout the world so we can help as many firefighters as possible. We are working on informing our followers more often for updates and projects we are putting together. The best way for us to know what to tell everyone is if you engage and ask questions. We want to know, what you don't know about our ministry. A lot of people think that we only ship used gear to developing countries. Well, we actually do a lot more than that. We provide peer support, disaster relief, christian guidance, training, etc. Our focus behind everything is sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ. When this ministry first started in 2014, the mission and vision wasn't very clear, but thankfully today, it is clear and simple! Our mission is to Encourage Firefighters Locally, Equip Firefighters Abroad and Evangelize to Firefighters Globally. Our vision is to share the Love of Christ with Firefighters around the world. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me personally at rheussy@firemansfaithministry.org. Thank you so much for your time and interest in what God is doing through Fireman's Faith Ministry. God Bless You. -Robert Heussy, Jr. 

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